Intern Perspectives: Lauren Pringle

This summer I worked as the Health Promotion intern with Hayes Green Beach at AL!VE! I have been spending my time working on corporate wellness projects: putting together newsletters, cooking classes, and lunch and learns. I have also been able to give presentations on employee wellness, attend health fairs, attend community partnership meetings in the Tri-County area and work on preparing grants.

I chose to intern with HGB because I am interested in working with a small, rural community similar to Charlotte. I wanted to be a part of the a unique and fast-paced environment and the facilities, both the hospital and AL!VE, are so beautiful and inspiring. My experience thus far has been fantastic! I spend most days at AL!VE and each one has been different from the last. I have been given opportunities that have made me a stronger speaker, better decision-maker and have allowed me to network while continuing to strengthen my organizational skills. I have learned so much about the public health field and its multifaceted nature.

In the long term, I am hoping to have a career with a county or state health department focusing on maternal and child health care. I would love to be able to apply my background in nutrition, and help better the health and wellness of those who need and want to improve their lives! I have always had a desire to help people and I am passionate about nourishing our youth.

I’m from Port Huron, Michigan, but have been calling East Lansing home for the last few years as a student at Michigan State University. This fall, I will be entering my final year to finish my degree in Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Public Health. I am planning to further my education by getting a Master of Public Health upon completing my bachelor’s degree. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, spending time outdoors, baking, and traveling throughout Michigan.