Thompson & Assoc. - A Gift for You

These and many other testimonials arose from the sessions individuals and couples had with John Webber from Thompson & Associates.

  • I learned so much from this experience" ... "John explained things so well."  
  • "I was surprised how much I could redirect from taxes to my heirs or charities."
  • "I loved moving at my own pace with no cost to me."

Sparrow Eaton Hospital partners with Thompson & Associates to provide individuals or couples with complimentary expert charitable estate planning information and guidance that assures your plans will actually accomplish your vision and goals.  John Webber, J.D., from Thompson & Associates, meets in private, confidential sessions.  He sells no products or services; anyone who meets with him carries out any possible plan changes with their own local advisors and/or attorneys.

A planned gift is arguably the most meaningful charitable gift you can make: it involves deciding what you want your legacy to be, how you want to make it, and who you trust to carry it out.  Just as the legacy you choose is exceptionally personal, the method of creating a planned gift is unique to each donor’s situation. There are many components to a personal estate plan.

An appointment with John consists of expertise:  

  1. from an unbiased third party;  
  2. at no charge to you;
  3. with complete confidentiality;
  4. that is personalized, using a thoughtful, values-based process that focuses on your objectives;
  5. at your own pace, with no time constraints; and
  6. that provides a suggested course of action to share with your local personal advisor.

Thompson & Associates works with nonprofit organizations, such as Sparrow Eaton Hospital, to help individuals understand their options, review their current plans and establish guiding principles for their existing or future estate plan.

This service is free of charge and confidential.  If you would like to attend an informational session to learn more, please contact Susan Allen at or 517-543-1050, ext. 52406.

Want more general information?
For more information about charitable giving opportunities at Sparrow Eaton Hospital, call the Community Development Department at 517-543-1050, ext. 52408 or email